Want a Prom to Remember?

Nothing means more to a teenager than attending the high school prom. Prom is a derivative of the word promenade, that hails back to the opening ceremony of a formal ball, and refers to the announcement and strolling in of the guests.

As the name implies it is a fancy and meaningful occasion, perhaps the first occasion of its kind to a young adult.
The word prom first appeared in 1894 in the journal of an Amherst College student on his way to a dance at Smith College. But it took root as a high school tradition: before the ritual parting of graduation, one last, fleeting night of fun. “I mean, where else do you get to wear a fancy dress and dance for four hours?” says Norah Owings, a senior at Elkton High School in Elkton, Ore.

Having a PROM?  Have fun!